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Hello Rashkis families,


I’d like to remind everyone that this Thursday, September 21, is a teacher workday - no school for students!


Absences for Travel Opportunities - When students are absent from school for vacations, the absences are typically unexcused. If you are traveling and the travel is of an educational nature, you can send me an email (jcroasmun@chccs.k12.nc.us) to request that absences be excused and describe how the absence is educational for your student. When planning travel, please check the school calendar and, whenever possible, schedule family vacations during days that we are out of school. Frequent and/or extended absences can affect student achievement. It can also be hard for teachers to prepare assignments in advance and/or catch students up following an extended absence while still maintaining instruction for all students.


From the PTA - As your children are settling in and making new friends, your PTA is beginning to put together our Rashkis directory to help families connect outside of the classroom. If you would like to be included in the FREE directory distributed to all Rashkis families, please complete the PTA Directory Form by September 30. Only one form needed per family. By completing the form you are opting to be INCLUDED in the directory. No paper forms will be distributed so please visit the link above if you want your contact information listed

Have a great week!

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Rashkis students do their best
In reading, math, and all the rest.
At Rashkis, we obey the rules
In our class and in our school. 
We respect ourselves and others, too.
We expect the best in all we do.
In everything we do and say,
We think about the Rashkis Way: