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School Improvement Team (SIT)

The Rashkis School Improvement Team (SIT) is a state mandated organization made up of elected Rashkis staff and parents. Our purpose is to "develop a school improvement plan to strengthen student performance". Besides the development of the School Improvement Plan and its End-of-Year Status Report, the SIT also:
  • Approves the capital and operational budget requests to the district and School Board
  • Serves as counsel to the district and the Board of Education
  • Functions as an advisory group to the principal and may provide input on issues such as school climate, safety, programs, and philosophy
  • Solicits input from our school community and hears concerns of our constituents about school programs
The SIT cannot endorse candidates, but we can advocate for our school at a local, state, and national level.
Our meetings are open to the Rashkis community with  Public Comment time built into every agenda. We meet the 1st Wednesday of each month from 7:45 - 9:00 AM in the administrative conference room across from the principal's office. Join us!

Rashkis SIT 2017-2018 Members

Dr. Janice Croasmun - Principal
Christina Richardson - Assistant Principal
Kendall Robinson - First Grade Teacher & Co-Chair
Cristin Najera - Fourth Grade Teacher
Amy Clifton - K-2 Literacy Coach
Susan Morris - Teaching Assistant
Robert Wirth - Parent & Co-Chair
Adam Lovelady - Parent
Winifred Metz - Parent
Deon Temne - Parent
Stephanie Minter - Parent
Melodie Majette - Recording Secretary

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