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School Supply Lists

Why Headphones?

You may have noticed that we added headphones to the school supply lists for every grade level.  We have found that for ease of use as well as sanitary issues, it is handy for each student to have their own set to use as needed when working on iPads, laptops and other devices.  Please look at the requirements below to help you decide on the best choices.  If you have any concerns about the volume levels and your child's hearing, look for "Kid Safe" or "Volume Limiting" headphones.  Headphones are available everywhere, including dollar stores.  Since students will not be sharing these, please mark them with your child's name (or put them in a ziplock bag marked with his or her name).  Also, if you are able and would like to donate a few extra sets for other students we will happily accept them.  Thanks so much!

Headphone Requirements:
  • Must be compatible for use with a computer OR an iPad
  • 3.5mm audio cable (NO USB cables, Bluetooth enabled or wireless sets)
  • Stereo sound is preferred
  • Adjustable to your child’s head/ear
  • Not flimsy, however DO NOT purchase designer or expensive headphones/earbuds
  • Earbuds are NOT recommended for K-2 students
Below are some visual examples...
K-5 student headphone examples:


3-5 student earbud examples:

School Supply Lists 2017-2018