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"Information literacy - the ability to find and use information - is the keystone of lifelong learning. Creating a foundation for lifelong learning is at the heart of the school library media program."

The American Association of School Librarians

The mission of the Rashkis Elementary media program is to provide students and staff equitable access to a diverse set of ideas and information in a variety of formats ensuring they are effective, efficient, and ethical uses of this information. We operate a flexible schedule and promote open access to resources. Students come throughout the day to checkout and return books, research, and work on class assignments. In addition, Ms. Minton collaborates with classroom teachers to plan lessons that are relevant to classroom content and promote authentic application of concepts, such as research, reading skills, digital citizenship, and information literacy.


Check out our March Library Stats!

Total Circulation: 

Top 3 Classes for Checkout
  1. ​Mrs. Nelson 
    3rd grade​
  2. ​M
    ​rs. Lloyd (2nd grade)
  3. ​Ms. Cauthren
    2nd grade
Average Grade Level Checkouts per Patron:


Top 3 Student Checkouts
  1. Bellarosa (2nd grade)
  2. Hayden (3rd grade)
  3. Graham
     (2nd grade)
ur most popular 
​Fiction books were
​ all​
Wimpy Kid
​ ​
Our most popular ​
Nonfiction book
​s were 
​Weird But True 5
​Minecraft Construction Handbook
​, and ​
​Ultimate Weird But True 2
most popular Graphic Novel
​Bone: Crown of Horns
Bone: The Great Cow R
​ce, and Sisters​
 most popular Everybody book
​s​ were
​iary of a Spider
​Fly Guy vs. The Fly Swatter
Frozen Story Collection

Library Happenings

Our first graders read multiple books up for the annual NC Book Award and then voted for their favorite in the statewide vote. Check out our results below:
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We Love Our Volunteers!

The library organizes promotional and reading enrichment events and activities throughout the school year, including our largest fundraiser, the Scholastic Book Fair occurring every fall. We gladly accept volunteers for the Book Fair as well as year-round in the library helping to shelve, catalog, and complete tasks. 
Please contact Courtney Minton if interested!

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